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Valyn is a multi-disciplinary designer who is passionate about creating and curating beautiful moments that bring people joy.  Valyn's upbringing in Connecticut and her time studying Architecture reinforced her affinity for color, pattern, and design.  Her curiosity in all things home, art, and design has led Valyn down many paths of honing skills in architecture, decorating, art, furniture and lighting design.  These experiences have been a catalyst for the conception of her namesake brand, VALYN, a curated collection of home decor by artisans near and far.  


Valyn's photography, prints, watercolor, and embroideries hang in her Brooklyn apartment where she currently resides.  Her inspiration is derived from life in the city as well as trips to nature - and the juxtaposition of these landscapes.  

From the foundational pieces to finishing touches, Valyn hopes to bring beauty and connection to you and your home

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